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Zip codes Washington Pacific

In 1983 the Post service of the USA has started to use system of indexation ZIP + 4 which is based on the expanded ZIP code consisting of nine digits. Thus to already used five-digit ZIP code have been added (via a hyphen) four more digits which mean a local geographical segment in five-place area of delivery, for example, city quarter, a multiroom housing estate, the individual receiver (sender) of great amounts of mail or any division of the organisation (enterprise) for which the additional identifier facilitating sorting and delivery of correspondence is required.ZIP code data is an integral part of dealer/store locator software on many web sites, especially brick-and-click websites. This software processes a user-input ZIP code and returns a list of store or business locations, usually in order of increasing distance from the center of the input ZIP code. As the ZIP system is confined to the U.S. Postal network, websites that require ZIP codes cannot register customers outside the U.S.In 1967 the system of ZIP codes became obligatory in all territory of the USA.In modern conditions, with introduction of the highly technological equipment for mail sorting, it is enough to use a five-digit ZIP code.Many gasoline pumps that offer "pay at the pump" require credit card customers to enter the ZIP code of their billing address as a form of added security.

Washington / Pacific

Zip code Area code City State Key
  98527     360     Bay Center     Washington     WA  
  98554     360     Lebam     Washington     WA  
  98561     360     Menlo     Washington     WA  
  98577     360     Raymond     Washington     WA  
  98586     360     South Bend     Washington     WA  
  98590     360     Tokeland     Washington     WA  
  98614     360     Chinook     Washington     WA  
  98624     360     Ilwaco     Washington     WA  
  98631     360     Long Beach     Washington     WA  
  98637     360     Nahcotta     Washington     WA  
  98638     360     Naselle     Washington     WA  
  98640     360     Ocean Park     Washington     WA  
  98641     360     Oysterville     Washington     WA  
  98644     360     Seaview     Washington     WA  

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